Daniell Alnuma a dancer, creator, choreographer and dance teacher. The creator and director of the Jungle Dance Theatre , Goa, India, Daniell Alnuma Dance Theatre Company

French of an Israeli origin, born in 1981.

She spent her childhood between two extremes; the desert bordering the Red Sea, and the northern forests along the icy lakes. This double culture provided her an acute vision of the infinite variations of forms and movements in the nature, and during her life, into the dance researches she was able to integrate these elements into a creative and unique body language.

For her dance is modulations of the flux, oneness with the "movements of the world" .

She considers the body as a junction where the flux traverse and initiate the dancing body.

From early age , she integrated elements gathered during her quest for dance; an organic and fluid body language along with contemporary and classical dance features, merging thrilling delicacy and captivating strength. She gleams with a dramatic and emotional intensity.

"My earliest inspirations as a child who loved dancing, were coming from my undersea observations and experience , undolatory movements, profound silence, ambient weightlessness, colors and tactile perceptions of space and being. The contracted and loosened movements of the jelly - fish, and theie "an-jellyic way of being" that has change my life forever.

This world is a part of me, of my quest and inspirations, and part of the vision I have of what dance is about.’’


Born in Israel to a family of artists; her mother is a jazz singer who studied Therapies and Analyses in movements and developed a somatic practice called "Re-tuning", and her father, painter. At the age of 4 years, in 1985, she starts taking private lessons of oriental dance in Egypt; a practice she continues there after to develop and enrich her own research. From the age of 7, in 1988, she studies classical ballet dance, figure -skating, acrobatics and gymnastics in Finland. In 1993, she enters to the Conservatory of Dance Yeelim Eilat, Israel. As a teenager, she also follows modern dance classes with Shir Shelly, a former student of Martha Graham and former dancer of the Bat Sheva Company. In 1996, at the age of 15, she begins her professional career in the world of modern dance and in parallel the music hall and musicals.

In 1997, she works with a Hungarian circus and parallel to that with a magician. In 1998 she enters a theatre dance troupe "Isrotel".

She obtains a first prize at a Latin dance competition in couples.

In 2000 was recruited by the "Fatal" divertissementet Company of musical.

In 2002, she taught in Finland, Germany and Holland .

In 2004, she studies Indian and Asian dance in India. She collaborates with dancers and Indian musicians in performances across India.

In 2006 in India, she meets Mohamed Alnuma, an oud player and singer of Iraqi origin, and since then their collaboration begins.

In 2007 Daniell collaborates with the Arab theater Nazareth creating "The little lantern", in Arabic and Hebrew. "Afikna love Deguerre time", Prime at the festival in Jerusalem. "Trio Jalajil" Inbal-Suzan Dellal, TelAviv.

In 2008, France, she co-creates, with Mohamed Alnuma, the "Orientations" Company.

In 2009 -"Chello" to the music of Kodaly Zultan

In 2010 -"Nostalgia, The Impossible Return", Arabic-Hebrew theatre of Jaffa. " Nara", Contemporary Dance Festival of Malaga (Spain), Dance Festival in Vaison La Romaine (France)

In 2012, she creates " Cors et Ames" project of dance art & culture supported by the General Council Culture of La Drôme in France. She creates "Poem" for the Festival Au Fil D'avril, and "Minhara" for the Dance Festival of Vaison la Romaine.

In 2013, she co-creates the "Jungle Dance Theatre" (Theater dedicated to the art of dance in Goa, India).

"Sinouhe- Dance of exile," with the Die East-West Festival Theatre.

In 2014 she is sent and sponsored by the Israeli consulate in Africa to represent Israel in contemporary dance festivals and cultural projects.

In 2016, "Nuda"-"suspended Nudes" - (collaboration with the painter Lisa Renberg and the Theatre of Die in France).

In 2017, she completes her dance studies in the CND, graduating from National Center of Dance in Lyon, France, majoring in contemporary dance and pedagogic.

In November 2017, she creates the Daniell Alnuma Dance Theatre Company & the Tazrimim Ensemble

In 2018, she develops a Contemporary dance development project in art & education in India Goa

In 2019 she created "Night distances" with the Daniell Alnuma Dance Theater Company within the framework of pedagogic work and cultural exchanges India-Israel-France.

In June 2019 she meets the "Cirque Plume" in her work as an intervening choreographer. She joins and stay with "Cirque Plume" as a performer artist until their last presentation in December 2020. Also she works on her personal project of practical research and creation around the theme of the  turn, and develops the creation "Flying The earth "with the Supporters of: Théâtre de Die. Federation of cultural secular works of the Drôme. Dance Festival au fil d'Avril. Departmental Council of Drôme.

Repertoire of last Productions

"Minhara" - Tunnel, 2013

"Sinuhe, the Dance of Exil", 2013

"Moon Dance on water", 2014

"The Rite Of Spring", 2015

"Drops Of Time", 2016

"Over The Shoulder", 2017

"Intensive Games of Transformation", 2018

"Body of Nobody - Gathering of Charming Creatures in which Some are Domestic", 2018

"Night Distances" - 2019

"Flying the Earth" - 2020

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