Corps et Ames Dance Company

The Daniell Alnuma - Troupe of amateur dancers

The company ''Corps et Âmes'' was born of the initiative and will of Daniell Alnuma to work with amateur dancers. Being located in a rural  and very little invested by cultural and artistically activities, the company and the choreographic work proposed by Daniell Alnuma opens a horizon and a space where amateur dancers can realize their dream to dance, all in a spirit of complicity and creative work.

The company ''Corps et Âmes''  is a gathering of women from different milieu and age who mingle their body,  as such as human tissue, and delivers a message of life and beauty.

The dancers of the company

Emma Pappalardo

Delphine Ferlin

Juliette Martin

Ludivine Coutelle 

Alice Lombard

Laure Gibert 

Emilie Bourgeois   

Cécile Delage

Cécile Garbay  

    Emilie Demond 

Corinne Capello

 Zeineb Achour

Martine Baret   

Naomie Mahé 

Zina Hamadi

''Corps et Âmes'' Dance Company

Photo credit : C- Etienne Renzo

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