Daniell Alnuma works in a tight collaboration with her companion Mohamed Alnuma, singer and oud player.

They met in 2006 .

The process of their work is fusional at all  levels, from the conception to the realization, full participation in the elaboration of work.

Daniell and mohamed draw their inspiration not only from their orient, its beauties and its myths, its passions and its violence's, its hopes and its contradictions, its long history, its wisdom and its madness. But also, their endless desire for openness to the world. 

In 2009 they founded the company Orientations in France.

 (Singing is a dancing voice, dancing is a singing body)

"Orientations" is the expression of life as an adventure, it claims that  any belief is no more than experience. "I was dressed the mantle of life without being asked" (OMAR KHAYAM).

It is a highly risky vision, that can lead to two opposite poles; either to perdition, or to the exaltation of the beauty. But, in reality, we constantly oscillate between those two states. "In the ocean of love, the waves rise me up then drop me down"(ALHALLAJ).

To the new East, imperturbable, we lead our barque.

"From the swamp of the east, from the caves of the east, to the new east, my body is lying a solid bridge" (KHALIL HAWI).

"Orientations" is composed of Daniell Alnuma-, choreographer-dancer, and Mohamed Alnuma, songwriter and Oud player and singer.

"It is a privilege to have lived an intense moment."

Smadar SHIR, writer andjournalist

"The large audience was left enthralled by this dramatic breath danced by an unreal beauty with disarming beauty."

"So, a verybeautiful successful discovery."

MARIE CELINE journalist

"And in the dance, there is the elegance of classical dance, the sensuality of oriental dance, as an influence of Indian dance."

"The dancer gave us this dazzling time in every part of the show. "

LE  D A U P H I N É  L I B É R É - F R A NCE

"The poetry of gesture amplified by the unique sounds of instruments created an imaginary space in perpetual motion."

L E P R O J E C T E U R. CO M - F R A N C E

"Daniell and Mohamed were making the audience travel between  mythical East  and today."

"The audience was moved by the emotional power of this duo, untill final hypnotic."

L E D A U P H I N É L I B É R É - F R AN C E

"The beautiful insect spreads its wings ... The ephemeral beauty reminds us of the brevity of life ..."

"She finally arrives and reveals beautiful Eastern cicada, enthusiastically received by those within and by thesounds of the oud under the fingers of Mohamed Alnuma."

L A M A R S E I L L A I S E - F R A N CE

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